FracTEL Cloud PBX for Business Phone Systems

Cloud PBX

FracTEL Cloud PBX combines advanced business features with world class telecommunications services to provide a single, easy to deploy and manage solution


FracTEL Cloud PBX is a complete business phone solution for one low monthly price. Our users typically save from 50% to 90% monthly.


Fortune 500 business phone features are standard with Cloud PBX, including auto-attendant, corporate directory, music-on-hold, conference bridge, ring groups and much more!


We guarantee 100% uptime and excellent call quality thanks to our exclusive triple redundant technology. Customers worldwide demand it, and we deliver for each and every call.


Cloud PBX provides an ideal solution for organizations with multiple locations, a distributed workforce and call centers. Businesses with 100 or more users save an additional 10%. 1000+ employees? Call for pricing.


Adding or removing extensions is easy. In the office or via mobile, you can connect everyone with Cloud PBX no matter how many or where they are.


Cloud PBX setup is Plug and Play and ready to go in minutes. Add features at your own pace, our knowledgeable technicians will guide you at every step.


You can keep your current local and toll free telephone numbers with FracTEL. Our friendly and experienced porting department will manage the process from start to finish.


Never miss a call when you’re on the go! Access the full functionality of your FracTEL business phone system with our app for iOS and Android.

Fortune 500 features are all included with Cloud PBX

FracTEL’s dynamic network offers unprecedented connectivity and features that will transform the way you think about business communications – all included for one Easy Price


A self-service tool that allows your callers to select a touch tone option from a menu. Recordings and options can be easily updated from the Admin Portal.


Every extension comes with its own voicemail box, allowing employees to have secure access to messages from their Smartphone App, Phone, or through Email.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls and connect workers, even when they’re in different locations. Both blind and attended transfer are supported on all FracTEL certified phones.

Call Forwarding

Easily route calls, on a permanent or temporary basis, to a another extension or telephone number so that important calls always get where they need to go.

Call Waiting

Visual and/or audio notification that an incoming call is waiting. Auto-hold lets you take the call without losing the call you are on.

Caller ID Block

With a simple key code you can block your outbound caller ID. Those you call will see “Unavailable” or “Blocked” rather than your business name and phone number.

Caller ID

FracTEL supports full Caller ID, allowing you to see the number and name of the calling party before you answer the phone.

911 Emergency

Easily define one or more E911 Locations for your business in the event of an emergency.

611 Service

Dialing 611 is a fast and easy way to connect directly to a FracTEL service representative

411 Directory Assistance

Dial 411 to talk to a live operator to locate the phone number or address of a business or residence.


All of FracTEL’s supported phones includes a conference feature which allows you to instantly connect with two or more other parties on one phone call.

Follow Me

Program your account to ring multiple devices – at the same time or in order, so you can stay connected and never miss a call.

Ring Group

Define a logical grouping of phones that ring together. You can associate a ring group with telephone number, Speed Dial, or Auto-attendant option.

Call Queues

Queue and manage incoming calls and define a group of Agents that will service them in the order they are received. You have full control, including the music or message that is played while your callers wait.

7-Digit Dialing

Set the area code for an extension and dial local numbers with the last seven digits.

Call Park

When you “park” a call, the system announces a parking “spot”. You can then pick it up from another extension by dialing the designated “spot”.

Paging Group

Easily define one or more groups of extensions that can be dialed for broadcasting audio announcements.

Music On Hold

Select from several musical programs to play for your callers when they are placed on hold, or upload your own music or marketing message.

Do Not Disturb

When you need to silence all distractions, Do Not Disturb automatically forwards your calls or sends them to voicemail.

Emergency Failover

In the unlikely event that prevents FracTEL from routing calls to your phones, we will reroute them to a backup number or service of your choice.

Unified Inbox

Manage your voice, fax, and text messages from your email inbox

Smartphone Integration

Our app for iOS or Android takes the business features of your desk phone on the go. Make an outbound call and the called party sees your business Caller ID.

Conference Calls

Create Conference Rooms that support up to 20 callers. You no longer need to rely on third party conference calling providers.


A convenient FracTEL feature that Emails messages to users and allows them to listen to their messages with a computer or Smartphone.


Faxes you receive are converted to handy PDF format and emailed to you. Email a PDF to your FracTEL fax account and it is converted to a fax and sent.

Admin Portal

Web-based tool that provides complete control for management and monitoring of your CloudPBX system.

Call Logs

Run custom reports on your call activity from the FracTEL Admin Portal. Search by called number, caller ID, extension, call length, or any combination.

Call Recording

Automatically capture, securely store, and easily retrieve an audio recording of your phone calls.


Allows select individuals to monitor conversations on select extensions, a great tool for training and quality control.

Number Portability

FracTEL has one of the most experienced number porting departments in the business, so you can count on us to get the job done quickly and painlessly.

No New Hardware Required

FracTEL makes the desktop phone optional. Our revolutionary Integrated Communications Desktop (ICD) turns any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC into a fully featured business phone. Migrate your communications to the cloud with no upfront investment.

If You Want New Phones, We’ve Got  the Best

FracTEL makes getting connected easy and fast with these industry leading phones that come pre-configured for plug-and-play setup.

FracTEL Cloud PBX helps your business Get Connected

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