My Business: King Reporting & Video Conference Center

Verbatim recording and transcription services utilizing professional court reporters and videographers, as well as offering premier videoconference, meeting, and mediation facilities to local businesses and the legal community.

Locations: Suntree, Melbourne, and Titusville


Years in Business: 36 years

Business Size: Less than 30.

Favorite Book or Movie:  Too numerous to list. I’m curious about everything.

Hobbies:  Art, Movies and Reading

Favorite Cause: The Women’s Center and Wounded Warriors

What FracTEL does for me: FracTEL replaced our outdated system with a cost effective solution that allowed us to integrate our handsets across locations and works perfectly for our critical high demand multi-participant conferencing needs.

From Entrepreneur to Enterprise – FracTEL has the perfect business telecommunications solution to help you work smarter and grow faster.



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